Honor Guard Activities

 October 15, 2019
The Post 113 Honor Guard Posted and Retrieved the five Branch flags and POW/MIA flag at the Sawtooth Middle School First Choir Concert October 15, 2019. The event was in appreciation of Veterans. The first concert was led by Jessica Hull, Choir Director.  


June 15, 2019

The Post 113 Honor Guard participated in the flag raising and three-volley rifle salute at the Idaho Chariots rally at the Boise Outlet Mall. Participating from Lt-Rt were: Post Commander Steve North, Honor Guardsman Susan Barnett, Chaplain Dan Pruett, Honor Guardsman Bryce Keck, Honor Guardsman Chuck Hawkins, Honor Guard Captain Doug Hanks, Honor Guardsman Mark Grothe, Honor Guardsman Don Burton, Adjutant Walt Thornton, Honor Guard Captain Mike Hitz.

June 10, 2019

Post 113 Commander Steve North and Honor Guardsman Mark Grothe gave a presentation about the American Flag and the American Legion Honor Guard to a group of 5-8 year old children at the Heart 2 Heart Ranch in Parma, Idaho. Fun was had by all, and the children asked some very good questions.

Heart 2 Heart Ranch provides youth of all backgrounds and abilities the opportunity to acquire vital life skills. They enhance confidence and abilities of youth through animal bonding and riding opportunities. The goal of the ranch is to improve the quality of the community through affecting its youngest members in a positive manner.


The Honor Guard participated in the National Day of Prayer at the State House  in Boise.











The Post 113 Honor Guard participates in Honors ceremonies at the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery.

L to R: Sue Barnett, Mark Grothe, Walt Thornton, Dan Pruett, Thom Juul, Bryce Keck, Chuck Hawkins, Mike Hitz

Nine members of the Post 113 Honor Guard participated in a Flag Raising Ceremony at the CS Beef Processing plant in Kuna, Idaho. Participating were: Second Vice Commander Doug Hanks, Honor Guard Captain Mike Hitz, Adjutant Walt Thornton, Sergeant-at-Arms Doug Killiam, Honor Guardsman Brant Bishop, Honor Guardsman Van Howell, Honor Guardsman Bryce Keck, Bugler Mike Rowels, and Photographer Thom Juul. Attending were members of Kuna VFW Post 7019, Kuna Mayor Joe Stear, and employees of CS Beef Processing.

Honor Guard at Attention During Flag Raising
Honor Guard Raising Old Glory
CS Beef Processing Veteran Employees Stand Formation During the Flag Raising.
Member of the Kuna VFW Post 7019 During Flag Raising
Second Vice Commander Doug Hanks
CS Beef Processing Employees Pledge Allegiance
Mayor Joe Stear

Memorial Day 2017

Members of the Honor Guard under the command of Capt. Mike Hitz perform a three-volley solute at the Rock of Honor Ceremony at Kleiner Park in Meridian. Rifle Squad members: Stan Lupkes, Walt Thornton, Don Burton, Doug Killam, Brant Bishop, Steve North, Van Howell, and Doug Hanks.



Members of the Honor Guard under the command of Capt. Mike Hitz perform a Flag Folding Ceremony at the Meridian Cemetery. Also participating were Commander Matt Wrobel, First Vice Commander Steve North, Second Vice Commander Doug Hanks, Immediate Past Commander Stan Lupkes, Chaplain Thom Juul, Legion Riders commanded by Todd Larkin, and State Representative James Holtzclaw. Rifle Squad: Adjutant Walt Thornton, Brant Bishop, Gerald Oliver, Don Burton, Doug Killam, Van Howell, and Stan Lupkes. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Korey and Tyler Magdaleno.. The National Anthem was sung by Kay Bododzhanov.


2nd Vice Commander Doug Hanks and State Representative James Holtzclaw performed the Wreath Laying Ceremony at the grave of Lloyd E. Hutcheson. Lloyd E. Hutcheson was killed in action in France during World War I. He is the namesake of Post 113.


Flag Day 2017



The honor guard commanded by Capt. Mike Hitz performed the Flag Raising Ceremony at Genesis HealthCare in Meridian. Flag bearers: 2nd Vice Commander Doug Hanks, Adjutant Walt Thornton, Chaplain Thom Juul. Rifle squad :Stan Lupkes and Van Howell, Bugler Mike Rowles.