Ham Club


Regular monthly meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month beginning at 1900 in the Veterans Memorial Building, 22 W. Broadway, Meridian.

The N7LGN Club Net is held weekly on Wednesday evenings at 1900. Rx  146.940,  (-) Tx 146.340, PL 100. Many thanks to Larry Smith W7ZRQ and the ISRA for making this possible by letting us use their repeater.

The club also has an active UHF Fusion repeater located at the Post home at a frequency of 443.000 Mhz (+) with a PL 100 Mhz tone and a 026 DTS code.


All interested members of the public and Legion Family members (Post, SAL, Auxiliary) who either have an FCC license, or are interested in obtaining an FCC license are welcome. You do not need do be a member of The American Legion or  Post 113. We encourage youth to become members of the club. It’s easy, fun, educational, and provides a vital service to the community.


Classes for the Technician, General, and Extra class licenses are held periodically. You must pass a thirty-five question multiple choice test to earn your license. However, all exam questions and answers are reviewed during the classes, so there are no surprises when taking the exam. Learning Morse Code is not a requirement.  Taking the test cost $15 cash or check only and the test is given on the third Saturday of each month at the Legion Hall.


Upcoming N7LGN Club events (volunteers needed!):

N7LGN 4.2024 Mtg

N7LGN 3.2024 Mtg

N7LGN 2.2024 Mtg

N7LGN 1.2024 Mtg

N7LGN 12.23 Minutes (No mtg Nov)

N7LGN 10.2023 Mtg minutes

2023-08-05 N7LGN Notes 

N7LGN 9_2023 Mtg

 For further information please contact:

Trustee/Pres, Rich Dees, W7BOI — rjdees@aol.com

Vice prez…David Hunter

Sec/treasurer…Alicia Bunnell